Selling Guide:

So your garage is full of junk and your cupboards are over-flowing... it's time to sell some of that clutter and make some money!

Selling for the first time can be a bit daunting, here's our step by step guide to your first bootfair at Corbridge!

  • Pack everything into boxes and load it into a car (or van, you choose). You may want to bring a table or two to put all your stuff on. A folding table (folding or garden table) will do fine. Although you can sell from the floor.
  • Entrance for sellers is normally from about 9:30am.
  • We have a few regular traders, so when you arrive just join the end of the queue they have started.
  • Can you please have your money ready for paying your set-up fee.You'll be shown our sign that lists what you are not permitted to sell at the carbootfair and once you've read and understand it, you'll be given a sticker and a stamp on your hand. Keep both your sticker and your hand.
  • You will now be directed to your selling pitch, where a member of staff will specifically park you up.


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