F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: Where in Corbridge is the bootfair?
A: Tynedale Rugby Club. For directions click here.

Q: What time does it open?
A: The event is opened to sellers from 9:00am. Buyers are admitted at 10.00am. For a list of prices, click here.

Q: I'm selling. Do I need to bring my own table?
A: Yes. A table or two (folding/ garden table) is recommended but you can always sell from the floor. If you haven't done this before you may want to read our 'Guide to Selling'.

Q: How much does it cost to buy/sell?
A: A list of prices can be found here page.

Q: Do you have reserved disabled parking spaces?
A: Yes we do, although spaces are limited.

Q: I want to sell. Must I reserve a space?
A: You don't need to reserve a space. We have never run out of space in 20 years.

Q: What can I sell?
A: A list of things you can and can't sell can be found 'here'.


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